About Honest Tax Pros

Founded in 2010 Honest Tax Pros is dedicated to providing Honest and Professional tax preparation, bookkeeping, and small business advice for all its clients.  Based in Bowie, MD, Honest Tax Pros focuses on serving the DMV residents and Small Business clients.

Our Philospohy




We Strive to Be an Example.

In reference to tax preparation, Honest Tax is very liberal in its use of proven and secure technology for the convenience of its customers. Customer convenience, privacy, and security are always primary concerns, but so is the personal touch that so many businesses seem to be missing in our techie driven culture.  We hope that our customers agree with our interpretation of being a Prompt, Professional, and Honest business to do business with again and again.

We know what it’s like this time of year, some people can’t wait for tax time with hopes of a decent size refund to pay off those holiday bills.

Other’s dread the vaunted deadline and drag it out to the last minute. Whatever your experience is this time of year Honest Tax Pros aims to make it a seamless one. We will save you time in a variety of ways through secure technology, a convenient location to visit, or a good old fashioned in home visit.  Honest Tax Pros are experts in tax preparation with a combined 20 years experience. Just as important, we are also trustworthy people that keep our customer’s best interest in mind, not just this year, but in the years to come.

Our Founder, Jason J. Upshaw

Jason is a tax and accounting professional. He has 8 years experience in taxes and 5 years in accounting. Jason is a CPA candidate in the State of Maryland.

Working as a consultant and for the Small Business Development Centers of Washington DC he has consulted hundreds of small businesses. He has advised them on topics from start-up issues, to managing growth, creating value, maintaining a competitive advantage and ultimately selling or liquidating a business. Jason is an award winning business plan writer.  He has risen over $200,000 for his own ventures and more than $2,000,000 for his clients in the last 10 years.

Jason has a degree with a concentration in finance from Babson College.

Why Choose Jason?

To say Jason thinks outside of the box is an understatement.  Jason started his 1st business at 18 years old as a way help his community, and get into college of his choice and it worked! In the seven years of operating 2nd Gear Bicycles, a bicycle shop in Cambridge, MA, he taught close to one thousand youths and adults how to repair bicycles.  He taught the youths to teach each other, duplicating himself and reducing his individual efforts in the single most important aspect of the company and the core of 2nd Gear’s success.

Jason can help you do the same. He will help you set your company’s goals, understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses, focus your resources, and hopefully (cross your fingers) help you find business success.